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Commercial Moving


Moving an office in Toronto can present some challenges, and PMI understands that time is money. You need to be up and running in your new space as quickly as possible, and our professional, efficient office furniture movers are trained to make sure your move is seamless.

Planning Your Office Relocation

We provide specialized equipment for computer systems and other electronics, including medical equipment, and can set up new or existing modular furniture, including cubicle spaces. Attention to detail is crucial when moving an office, and our highly trained professional office movers understand what it takes to ensure a smooth transition to your new office space with as little downtime as possible. Call us today to set up your move.

Site Visits

Is there easy access to the building? Are we complying with all Health & Safety Regulations? These are important questions to ask before planning an office removal. A site visit is thus integral to organising your move. After visiting the site, we will have a unique understanding of the potential challenges and obstacles and your specific needs and concerns and if you book a site visit, we can plan your office removal based on first hand knowledge of the site.


Our office moving services include:

  1. Pre-move briefing, time sequence and schedule
  2. Packing and inventory labeling with color coding and identification
  3. Provision of packing materials
  4. Storage and warehousing